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Live Video/Audio Mixing for Theater

Mohamad | March 21, 2019


Closer (2019 Istanbul)

Closer play is the same as the film “Closer” played on stage by Turkish actors.

The setup consisted of three LED Screen parts, on which the visuals were displayed for each scene. The play was managed by Ikinci Kat, video animation by Decol, Lighting operations by Kemal Edis, Video and audio operations done by Mohamad Khashaneh.

Kaplan Sarılması (2017-2018 Istanbul+Izmir)

Kaplan Sarılması play was written by Kemal Hamamcıoğlu, directed by Bahar Kerimoğlu, performed by Şebnem Bozoklu & Burak Altay, Video Operation: VJ Artex (Mohamad Khashaneh), Technical Assistant: Buğra Üstün. It took place in 2017 every Friday at Toy Tiyatro in Istanbul, and every 1st& 3rd Friday a month in 2018 at Toy Izmir Tiyatro .

One hour of continuous video display on the walls of the stage, displayed in harmony with the actors.

Operating videos in this play took a programming of over 80 cues, each cue is live-triggered according to the script of the play to display a specific video on the walls at a specific event during the play.



Are you in Turkey and would like to display your visuals on the screen, or you want us to create special visual effects for your event and mix them live?

Written by Mohamad