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Gobeklitepe Museum Projection Mapping

Mohamad | December 30, 2017

Göbeklitepe is a historical place, located in ŞanlıUrfa province, Turkey. It’s described as the zero point of human history, which will be opened to visitors in 2018.

On the wall and floor of a rounded area in the museum of Göbeklitepe, a projection system of 17 projectors has been installed to display stories of human history in a creative way.

We were able to calibrate projections and to display video contents using Christie Coolux Pandora’s Box 6, which provided flexibility in dynamic-warping and edge-blending the curved wall and floor.

The concept was to let visitors have a unique experience when they see the story of human history, with sound effects, and with interactive-floor visual effects.

Interactive floor was made by using Widget Designer 6 Nodes System to transform coming kinetic data into pixel-oriented position data and send it to video and graphic layers directly so they follow people while they are walking.

We participated in the project by doing warping, blending, and calibration using Christie Coolux Media Players (Pandora’s Box & Widget Designer).

It was a pleasure to work with Turkish companies who made the production of this activity happen:
Illusionist and Display Team for content creation and coordination, Provis, Astel for technical supply and setup, CoolEvent for technical consultancy, MotionStrip for kinetic interactivity.

Written by Mohamad


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