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EXPO Antalya 2016 – Digital Bridge

Mohamad | May 1, 2016
Expo Antalya 2016

The Digital Bridge of EXPO Antalya 2016. Which is a big room whose walls and floor are covered with projection to display animation videos of nature (grass, trees, waterfall, river, and special effects). A virtual world that made visitors have a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition to the sound effects that relates to each part of the animation areas.

A work of art like this, includes video animation, projection techniques to merge the picture of 63 projectors together to cover the large area, sound effects, and decorative elements. A wonderful combination of art and technology.

To display videos on the floor and the walls, Coolux Media Players were used to split the picture between projectors and to calibrate and merge the pictures on the large areas.

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