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Live Video/Audio Mixing for Theater

Mohamad | March 21, 2019

  Closer (2019 Istanbul) Closer play is the same as the film “Closer” played on stage by Turkish actors. The setup consisted of three LED Screen parts, on which the visuals were displayed for each scene. The play was managed by Ikinci Kat, video animation by Decol, Lighting operations by […]


Live Video Mixing for Concerts

Mohamad | September 23, 2018

Live video mixing during the event according to the music and lights by displaying creative contents on screens. We display video contents on the large screens by taking into consideration the type of music, taste of the artist and their brand, and the atmosphere of the songs. Using new advanced video […]


Theater Play (Kaplan Sarılması)

Mohamad | May 7, 2018

The play was written by Kemal Hamamcıoğlu, directed by Bahar Kerimoğlu, performed by Şebnem Bozoklu & Burak Altay, Video Operation: VJ Artex (Mohamad Khashaneh), Technical Assistant: Buğra Üstün. It took place in 2017 every Friday at Toy Tiyatro in Istanbul, and every 1st& 3rd Friday a month in 2018 at Toy Izmir Tiyatro . One hour of continuous video […]


Gobeklitepe Museum Projection Mapping

Mohamad | December 30, 2017

Göbeklitepe is a historical place, located in ŞanlıUrfa province, Turkey. It’s described as the zero point of human history, which will be opened to visitors in 2018. On the wall and floor of a rounded area in the museum of Göbeklitepe, a projection system of 17 projectors has been installed […]

Expo Antalya 2016

EXPO Antalya 2016 – Digital Bridge

Mohamad | May 1, 2016

The Digital Bridge of EXPO Antalya 2016. Which is a big room whose walls and floor are covered with projection to display animation videos of nature (grass, trees, waterfall, river, and special effects). A virtual world that made visitors have a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition to the sound […]

Bus Mapping Turkey
Product LaunchProject

Bus Video Mapping

Mohamad | April 6, 2016

The show was meant to display the features of the new electric bus of TEMSA manufacturer in Adana, Turkey 2016. The installation consisted of four powerful projectors, three of them towards the bus (one on front, and two on the side with soft-edge blending) and one towards the screen to […]

Kuheylan 2016


Mohamad | March 10, 2016

The play was written in 1937 by Peter Shaffer, directed by Uygar Özçelik, and performed by Tamer Levent, Yağız Can Konyalı, Elif Erdal, Şener Savaş Gözde Cığacı, Ebru Unurtan, Asil Büyüközçelik. Took place in Trump Tower Theater, Istanbul, Turkey. Video projection had been integrated into the play using Coolux Media […]


Stadium Arena Projection

Mohamad | May 2, 2014

In the final match of Amir Cup Handball tournament 2014, the celebration included a creative projection on the ground of the stadium. About: Technical Operations (Coolux Pandoras Box) : Mohamad Khashaneh, Mohamed Alesa. Video Animation: Yaman Aledelby. Media Servers: Coolux Quad Media Server (Provided by Holoteq).

Car Mapping
Product LaunchProject

3D Car Projection Mapping

Mohamad | December 2, 2013

This had been done in Qatar ExxonMobil Opening Tennis Federation 2014. Live drawing features that allowed people to paint and design the surface of the car using a touch screen.  All the famous tennis players joined the activity by signing and drawing on the car. Feedback was great and impressive, […]

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