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Mohamad Khashaneh

Turkey [Syrian]


Mohamad Khashaneh, a visual artist originally from Damascus, Syria, living in Istanbul. Specialized in live video mixing for live events like theater and concerts in Turkey. Back in 2013 when he started doing projection mapping in Qatar, it became his passion to display creative contents on large surfaces and screens for the audience to enjoy. After moving to Turkey in 2015, he focused on creating his own visuals and mixing them live in events.

“Video jockeying (live video mixing) is a wonderful storytelling tool in an immersive world where people gather to experience unique and exciting moments to remember.”

He participated in many advanced projects in Turkey like Expo Antalya 2016 and Gobeklitepe Museum 2018 by doing projection mapping on the walls and floors of the venue, using Coolux Media Players. In addition to his participation in many events like theater, weddings, product launch, and ceremonies where projection mapping was applied.

Mohamad treats VJing (Video-Jockeying) as a visual art that lets you effectively communicate with people during live-events like concerts or DJ gigs by visualizing thoughts, imagination, and energy while mixing videos on the beat of music.

While music is the main element in events, still visuals play the main motivator role for the audience to feel the energy of the atmosphere, and to get engaged more with the music. Many venues depend only on lights for creating an atmosphere, yet a lot of venues understand the importance of display systems and they prepare themselves to host unforgettable events.

Mohamad creates special visual themes for each kind of events, from EDM to Latin dance events, the effects are being generated and mixed live while the music is being played by the DJ.

It’s my mission to be a part of the development process of the live-events industry world wide.



Are you in Turkey and would like to display your visuals on the screen, or you want us to create special visual effects for your event and mix them live?


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